Namespacing in Bullet Train

The Account Namespace for Controllers and Views

Bullet Train comes preconfigured with an Account namespace for controllers and views. This is the place where Super Scaffolding will, by default, put new resource views and controllers. The intention here is to ensure that in systems that have both authenticated resource workflows and public-facing resources, those two different facets of the application are served by separate resource views and controllers. (By default, public-facing resources would be in the Public namespace.)

Alternative Authenticated Namespaces

In Bullet Train applications with multiple team types, you may find it helpful to introduce additional controller and view namespaces to represent and organize user interfaces and experiences for certain team types that vary substantially from the Account namespace default. In Super Scaffolding, you can specify a namespace other than Account with the --namespace option, for example:

rails generate super_scaffold Event Team name:text_field --namespace=customers