Application Options

Bullet Train features a list of options available at your disposal to enable/disable functionalities that would otherwise take a significant amount of time to implement. Simply add any of the following environment variables to config/application.yml in your main Bullet Train application and restart your server for the options to apply.

The helper methods below can also be directly invoked in your application if you wish to have parts of your code depend on the functionality in question.

Option Type Example Helper Methods
HIDE_THINGS Boolean "true" scaffolding_things_disabled?
HIDE_EXAMPLES Boolean "true" scaffolding_things_disabled?
STRIPE_CLIENT_ID String "your_stripe_client_id" stripe_enabled?
CLOUDINARY_URL String "cloudinary://your_cloudinary_token_here" cloudinary_enabled?
TWO_FACTOR_ENCRYPTION_KEY String "your_encryption_key" two_factor_enabled_authentication?
INVITATION_KEYS String "ofr9h5h9ghzeodh, ofr9h5h9ghzeodi" invitation_keys invitation_only?
FONTAWESOME_NPM_AUTH_TOKEN String "your_font_awesome_token" font_awesome?
SILENCE_LOGS Boolean "true" silence_logs?
Option Description
HIDE_THINGS Hides Bullet Train demo models such as CreativeConcept and TangibleThing.
HIDE_EXAMPLES Hides base models such as CreativeConcept and TangibleThing.
STRIPE_CLIENT_ID See Bullet Train Billing for Stripe for more information and related environment variables.
CLOUDINARY_URL Enables use of Cloudinary for handling images.
TWO_FACTOR_ENCRYPTION_KEY Enables two-factor authentication through Devise.
INVITATION_KEYS See Invitation Only for more information.
FONTAWESOME_NPM_AUTH_TOKEN Enables use of Font Awesome.
SILENCE_LOGS Silences Super Scaffolding logs.
TESTING_PROVISION_KEY Creates a test Platform::Application by accessing /testing/provision?key=your_provision_key