Application Options

The following configuration options are available for your Bullet Train application. For local development, you can set these values in config/application.yml. For hosting providers that we provide first-party support for, you can consult Render's documentation and Heroku's documentation for how to set these values.

Option Purpose Example Value 1 Helper Methods
BASE_URL Specify the full URL where the application is hosted
HIDE_THINGS Hide the "Creative Concept" demo model and "Tangible Thing" template model true scaffolding_things_disabled?
STRIPE_CLIENT_ID Enable the example OAuth2 integration with Stripe Connect ca_DBOenflO97IalW31IEvpvSKGHjOWhGzJ stripe_enabled?
CLOUDINARY_URL Enable Cloudinary-powered image uploads, including profile photos cloudinary://9149...:3HSd...@hfytqhfzj cloudinary_enabled?
INVITATION_KEYS Restrict new sign-ups 89dshwxja, a9y29ihs1 invitation_keys invitation_only?
FONTAWESOME_NPM_AUTH_TOKEN Enable Font Awesome Pro 5DC62AA7-5741-4C45-874B-EA9CAA4EE085 font_awesome?
OPENAI_ACCESS_TOKEN Enable OpenAI-powered UX improvements sk-Tnko8PI15i6du03KkxVExTz3lbkFJV... openai_enabled?
REDOCLY_ORGANIZATION_ID Enable Redocly-powered API documentation your-organization-name
REDOCLY_API_KEY Enable Redocly-powered API documentation orgsk_lfyrXAAym8nbSrar9b8wvTN+...
DISABLE_DEVELOPER_MENU Disable the developer tab in the navigation bar true disable_developer_menu?

1 Any credentials listed here aren't real, but we wanted you to know what each looks like so you can recognize the correct value from each provider.